All that pain and sorrow

            Jewish families that lived in villages and remote areas, were rounded up, and with the help of the local Ukrainian and Polish police then shipped into medieval styled ghettos. It was a terrorizing, horrid period. Any Jew not wearing the star of David, would be arrested, and eventually executed. Most children were told that they were not able to go to school anymore. Some were sorrowful, because for 2 years, their life was going to change.

In 1942, when the German soldiers, (Nazis) told the people of Holland, France and Poland that their most needed items would be rationed, some of them wanted to stand up and say “NO MORE!”, but couldn’t because they were too frightened. Others were just plain scared. But that didn’t stop some of the Danish and non-Jew people. Like the  man and woman who hid Anne Frank for 2 years risked their life, and Anne Frank’s. Just because they had courage, and bravery. Unlike some of the other 60% Polish, and Danish people. But that was just the beginning.

2 years later, when the German soldiers found, and captured over 6 million Jews, the Americans stepped in. But, they didn’t make it in time. Adolph Hitler had already killed, murdered, tortured those 6 million Jews. But only 1 to 3 thousand people survived. If you think about it, 3,000 people isn’t alot compared to the 11,000,000 people he killed overall. But it wasn’t all sad and sorry after World War 2, because after he had realized that the Americans were looking for him, he committed suicide, and the Jews were free. (the ones that were left ) But with all the pain and sorrow, America still tries to stand strong, even remembering those years during 1942.

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