my sUmMeR so far

“Hey” to everybody who reads my blog posts! I was just wanting 2 say some stuff about my summer so far. Okay ,right now i’m @ my Mammaw’s house in Hempstead Texas. Actually i JUST got here about 40 min’s ok well on tues nxt week i get 2 go 2 a Houston outlet mall.(aeropastle, hollister, aerocrombie, dkny, ect) so i can get some cute outfits!!!!!!ya ya!lol. plus i get 2 go 2 a waterpark possibly nxt week!(plse look it up!)and thats about it. i guess i’ll c u chaps in a couple of months!    c ya! -Rhea (plse call me that from now on)

Water nachos

On May 14th, 2010 at our band concert in Splash Kingdom, I had eaten nachos. Not any ordinary nachos, but what I call water nachos. The delicious cheese and salty, round tortilla chips on my tongue just hit the spot. But what I didn’t know was why I had called them water chips. I needed to figure it out.

At approximately 1:04pm on the spot, (after eating the nachos) I decided to jump in the so called “lazy river” and take a float. When suddenly, something took me by surprise! My foot began to twitch, my stomach began to turn, and my arms began to shake! I was just, for my first time experiencing a CRAMP!

As I was gulping for air and motioning for my best friends Savanna and Zoe to come pull me ashore, I realized I was still on the shallow end. The “lifeguard” kept staring at me like, “what in the heck are you doing?” So I just meaningfully said to him back for his expression “what are you looking at?” he had no response but to look away.

I haven’t eaten ANY nachos since that day, because I’m scared I’ll get a cramp in the shower or something stupid like that. So, all I have to say to you people through the thick plastic computer screen is, “NEVER GO SWIMMING AFTER EATING NACHO’S!” Or else. I’m just kidding! But you might want to watch out, because if you LOVE nachos like this here stomach, well you have something coming in your future.

Have a nice day!

The Diamond sense

The sense of sight is a wonderful thing. It lets you see the light in your parents face whenever you give them a diamond ring or a drill. It lets you see the fire of a burning stove at 6 am in the morning. It lets you see your first child running to catch the bus on their first day of school. All of these things are not what some people see. We take it for granted. They can’t catch the bus, read a book (not in braille) play monopoly, jump rope. Or even see when you use the phrase, “Look at that!” Inside, they’re probably thinking, praying that they’ll get their sight back, but their sight will probably never get it back. Even with the help of the best doctor on the face of the planet.

You see, I probably don’t think about that when I get mad or something, because not just me but everybody doesn’t probably think of that either. If I didn’t have my sight, well I would first go nuts, cry for 2 years, and then thank God for blessing me. Not by taking away my sight, but not taking away my taste, touch, smell and hearing. If I didn’t have my sight I would not be able to play new music on my clarinet, jump on my trampoline, get on my brothers PS2 and play Star Wars, or even watch TV with my Mom. I wouldn’t be able to see what my outfit looks like before I try to go somewhere, see what my teeth look like after I brush them, and so much more.

Since the sense of sight is so precious. We should not take advantage of it, and use it with care. Not take it for granted.

You just can’t wash it away

It sneaks up on you

It watches your every move

You see it

It moves away

But you think it will come back

Any day

You try to wash it

Wash it all away

But it still comes back

In the same way

It’s like a virus

It won’t go away

You try to pay it off

Pay it off, on a rainy day

It sneaks up on you

It watches your every move

You see it

That’s what a sin is

It just keeps watching you

Rhealyn Methvin

All that pain and sorrow

            Jewish families that lived in villages and remote areas, were rounded up, and with the help of the local Ukrainian and Polish police then shipped into medieval styled ghettos. It was a terrorizing, horrid period. Any Jew not wearing the star of David, would be arrested, and eventually executed. Most children were told that they were not able to go to school anymore. Some were sorrowful, because for 2 years, their life was going to change.

In 1942, when the German soldiers, (Nazis) told the people of Holland, France and Poland that their most needed items would be rationed, some of them wanted to stand up and say “NO MORE!”, but couldn’t because they were too frightened. Others were just plain scared. But that didn’t stop some of the Danish and non-Jew people. Like the  man and woman who hid Anne Frank for 2 years risked their life, and Anne Frank’s. Just because they had courage, and bravery. Unlike some of the other 60% Polish, and Danish people. But that was just the beginning.

2 years later, when the German soldiers found, and captured over 6 million Jews, the Americans stepped in. But, they didn’t make it in time. Adolph Hitler had already killed, murdered, tortured those 6 million Jews. But only 1 to 3 thousand people survived. If you think about it, 3,000 people isn’t alot compared to the 11,000,000 people he killed overall. But it wasn’t all sad and sorry after World War 2, because after he had realized that the Americans were looking for him, he committed suicide, and the Jews were free. (the ones that were left ) But with all the pain and sorrow, America still tries to stand strong, even remembering those years during 1942.

Wii love Christmas

On December 25, 2009, at 6:58 am, I woke up and ran into the living room.  I opened all of my small presents until I got to the big tamale.  As I tore open the box, I saw that is was the #1 thing I wanted, a Wii!  At that very moment, my happiness burst like a balloon.  I suddenly started screaming at the top of my lungs, “we got a Wii, we got a Wii”, and jumping up and down.  I just couldn’t believe it.  Even today I feel embarrassed because we have it on tape.  But that was a Christmas that Wii loved Christmas.