Water nachos

On May 14th, 2010 at our band concert in Splash Kingdom, I had eaten nachos. Not any ordinary nachos, but what I call water nachos. The delicious cheese and salty, round tortilla chips on my tongue just hit the spot. But what I didn’t know was why I had called them water chips. I needed to figure it out.

At approximately 1:04pm on the spot, (after eating the nachos) I decided to jump in the so called “lazy river” and take a float. When suddenly, something took me by surprise! My foot began to twitch, my stomach began to turn, and my arms began to shake! I was just, for my first time experiencing a CRAMP!

As I was gulping for air and motioning for my best friends Savanna and Zoe to come pull me ashore, I realized I was still on the shallow end. The “lifeguard” kept staring at me like, “what in the heck are you doing?” So I just meaningfully said to him back for his expression “what are you looking at?” he had no response but to look away.

I haven’t eaten ANY nachos since that day, because I’m scared I’ll get a cramp in the shower or something stupid like that. So, all I have to say to you people through the thick plastic computer screen is, “NEVER GO SWIMMING AFTER EATING NACHO’S!” Or else. I’m just kidding! But you might want to watch out, because if you LOVE nachos like this here stomach, well you have something coming in your future.

Have a nice day!

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