The Diamond sense

The sense of sight is a wonderful thing. It lets you see the light in your parents face whenever you give them a diamond ring or a drill. It lets you see the fire of a burning stove at 6 am in the morning. It lets you see your first child running to catch the bus on their first day of school. All of these things are not what some people see. We take it for granted. They can’t catch the bus, read a book (not in braille) play monopoly, jump rope. Or even see when you use the phrase, “Look at that!” Inside, they’re probably thinking, praying that they’ll get their sight back, but their sight will probably never get it back. Even with the help of the best doctor on the face of the planet.

You see, I probably don’t think about that when I get mad or something, because not just me but everybody doesn’t probably think of that either. If I didn’t have my sight, well I would first go nuts, cry for 2 years, and then thank God for blessing me. Not by taking away my sight, but not taking away my taste, touch, smell and hearing. If I didn’t have my sight I would not be able to play new music on my clarinet, jump on my trampoline, get on my brothers PS2 and play Star Wars, or even watch TV with my Mom. I wouldn’t be able to see what my outfit looks like before I try to go somewhere, see what my teeth look like after I brush them, and so much more.

Since the sense of sight is so precious. We should not take advantage of it, and use it with care. Not take it for granted.

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